Monday, 5 October 2009

realisations 1-10

1. That I will never ever technically live at home again.

2. That despite having a new start, I still have to be the same person, and not actually minding who that is.

3. That I love my family more than anything else, and that I can never live without them.

4. That a cup of tea doesn't always solve everything if you've not got anyone to share it with.

5. The knowledge that hearing someones voice is the thing you want most in the world, but that hearing it will break you apart.

6. That patriotism ends with some absolute cocks getting on the X-Factor.

7. That beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes the binocular cases are worth it.

8. That life only moves forward, and that burning your bridges is never a good move.

9. That it isnt always all going to be alright.

10. But that you can always learn to live with what you're left with.

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Which I just read as ow - twitted, which made me laugh for an incredible amount of time. My mind is buzzy tonight! xx

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

In da see... at NOOKEEE

I like this picture, not because it is particularly flattering, but because it somehow is all the good bits of a great week smushed up in to one image. And that moment of falling, towards the blue blue sea...(even if it was freezing!) with one of my best friends is what I hope to remember this summer for.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


It always amazes me how much switching around two letters changes a word

Yesterday, I tried to write the word gorgeous... but reversed the g and r a midway.

This gave me, grogeous, which rather than sounding beautiful, pleasant warm and all the other good connotations, sounds sleazy and cheap, like grotty, grotesque and bogus.

I know this is hardly a linguistic anomale, but it made me consider, if a wrongly chosen letter can change the meaning of a word, and therefore the meaning of a sentence, imagine what a profound impact a wrongly chosen word could have on a sentence, or even as I've experienced it, on a relationship, and therefore, on your life.

I'm learning this lesson, but for now, I'm resolving to appreciate words more, and to use them with the same care I take with much less important, material things.

Beth xx

Friday, 10 July 2009

Ginger Rogers and Michael Buble!

I've had a fairly low few days, due to things friendship wise not going too well, but a greater power (at the moment I'm not sure what it may be) sent me a subtle reminder.

Well maybe not a greater power, just my computer and chance I guess. I was in my room cleaning, not really doing much, and I put my music library on shuffle. After the normal muddle of jazz/pop-punk/ and dance music, two songs came on back to back.

The first was "Pick Yourself Up" from Swing Time, my all time favourite musical and a lovely recording from the gorgeous Ginger.

"Work like a soul inspired, til the battle of the day is won" she sings, and I thought to myself, sound advice, now take it! My usual self is mostly sunshine and rainbows, I'm one of the least depressive people in the world, so allowing myself more than one blue day was unusual.

Then Just to drive the message home, Michael Buble's "Feeling Good" came on. Now while I was far from feeling good" the line "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life" struck me as very true.

Whatever happens this summer, and however little I planned for this, Uni is a new start, and each day I waste moping coupld be one full of suprises and joyful moments.

So I picked myself, dusted myself of, and I'm preparing to start all over again.

Beth xx

Sunday, 5 July 2009

So I promised...

That this wouldn't be a depressive blog - and it wont.

But I have one thing that has to get off my chest. If you make a mistake, a big one, partially your fault and partially bad sodding luck, how can you make it right.

It seems you can't, or not in the eyes of some people. If a heartfelt apology isnt enough then maybe you have to reevaluate a friend.

Who knows...I've done my part, if its meant, then I guess I'll sever ties, I can move on in a couple months anyway. I guess I just never considered an era ending like this, I kinda expected more.

For me....results were important and life changing, I wish I could have shared it with them.

Thats all the moody for now


Monday, 22 June 2009


Theres something exciting and exotic about receiving post from overseas! I got an airmail and a package containing a long lost dvd which thrilled me to the core!

I'm finding chipped nail varnish a real bore today! Wahts the point in all the lovely colours if the second you touch anything it chips and looks nasty.

Beth xx

Sunday, 21 June 2009

I am NOT a party animal!!

and am unashamed of this fact. The last 2 nights I had my prom (okayish but disappointing) and then my friends bday party. This meant that I got 10 hours sleep over 2 nights, which is less than I usually get in one! Therefore, having had a nap (my favourite!!)I decided to skip a party I'd been planning o attend tonight in favour of a cuppa and a biscuit in my bed with a novel about an Irish nun who is a detective. Not the typical 18 year old methinks :)

But I enjoyed it.


Beth xx

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Things I love

Finding exactly the thing you are looking for
A cool breeze on a hot day.
Lemon Sorbet
Ginger Rogers movies
Gerbera Daisies that are almost black purple
Funfair rides
Standing in an isolated spot with the wind in my hair
Early early mornings, before the world is awake.
Kitty Foyle dresses
Photo booth machines
Waking up happy
A stranger saying something nice, for no reason other than to be nice
Tea and a good book.
Honeycomb icecream
Classic cinema
Nice underwear
Seamed stockings
Ticking things off lists
Making plans

I could go on but its long enough, it's been a good day so I decded to end by listing things I am grateful for. Religiously I dont know where I stand at the moment, so I guess this is a cross between a prayer of thanksgiving and a reminder to myself how happy life is on pessimistic days. God, if you're there, I appreciate it all :)

The Beginning

My other blog has a purpose, this is the opposite. An opportunity for me to note all the little things that crop up in my head. I don't do big emotional out pourings, its not my style. If you want to read theobservations of your average girl next door, who has a good relationship with her parents, doesnt have deep rooted insecurities and is happy most of the time, then you're in the right place.

This blog is named for a song which currently encapsulates my mood. It says all the things my romantic (hopelessly so) side would love for someone to have inspired by and written about me. But more than this, it literally is this blogs purpose, to bring together a little of all the things I am.

If noone ever reads it, I wont mind too much, it's for me, anything else is a bonus!

Beth xx