Saturday, 11 July 2009


It always amazes me how much switching around two letters changes a word

Yesterday, I tried to write the word gorgeous... but reversed the g and r a midway.

This gave me, grogeous, which rather than sounding beautiful, pleasant warm and all the other good connotations, sounds sleazy and cheap, like grotty, grotesque and bogus.

I know this is hardly a linguistic anomale, but it made me consider, if a wrongly chosen letter can change the meaning of a word, and therefore the meaning of a sentence, imagine what a profound impact a wrongly chosen word could have on a sentence, or even as I've experienced it, on a relationship, and therefore, on your life.

I'm learning this lesson, but for now, I'm resolving to appreciate words more, and to use them with the same care I take with much less important, material things.

Beth xx

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