Thursday, 18 June 2009

Things I love

Finding exactly the thing you are looking for
A cool breeze on a hot day.
Lemon Sorbet
Ginger Rogers movies
Gerbera Daisies that are almost black purple
Funfair rides
Standing in an isolated spot with the wind in my hair
Early early mornings, before the world is awake.
Kitty Foyle dresses
Photo booth machines
Waking up happy
A stranger saying something nice, for no reason other than to be nice
Tea and a good book.
Honeycomb icecream
Classic cinema
Nice underwear
Seamed stockings
Ticking things off lists
Making plans

I could go on but its long enough, it's been a good day so I decded to end by listing things I am grateful for. Religiously I dont know where I stand at the moment, so I guess this is a cross between a prayer of thanksgiving and a reminder to myself how happy life is on pessimistic days. God, if you're there, I appreciate it all :)

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