Sunday, 6 June 2010

Catching a moment

This week, it has been proved to me that good people will make the wrong time right. Without agenda, expectations or promises, the beginning of something, a friendship, a work relationship, with or without the glimmer of romance, is a beginning to be treasured.
When a beginning arrives at the end, finding out that this doesn't spell a premature finale to something which seemed so natural from the get-go, is a small blessing. Being able to work at a chosen pace and on my own terms proves that against the odds, there are people in this world who are worth getting to know.
Capturing such seeds, alongside the fruition of other, longer laid plans, has made this weekend one of the happiness since I left for university. Spending a perfect day with two wonderful people, acting like kids on our way to growing up, has made me appreciate those relationships, and will help to sustain them through the long summer ahead.
To the people who made these days what they have been, I owe two days of laughter, sweet dreams and the promise of more to come.

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