Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Three Wishes

1. That everybody would stop moving. The summer is spreading people across the world and there's always that feeling of loss. Some are moving physically, others just flit between friend and stranger. People should stay still and stay the same. Whatever is the truth I want to be treated like the same person in all company, at all times of day and night.

2. A euromillions win.

3. That I could decide what it is that I want. I need direction, need a path. Without blowing my own trumpet I'm pretty good at whatever I do. I'm an excellent waitress, a damn good student, I leave the other interns miles behind, but I keep finding myself moving in a circle. I'm so frustrated I could cry. I can't seem to get beyond where I was last summer, and I thought I had. With work, planning, money, men, there's a circularity and it's really scaring me.

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